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Cut months off your Global Entry interview wait time.

Get instant text message and email alerts that allow you to grab last minute interview appointments.

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Third-party service, not affiliated with or endorsed by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS), U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) agencies or the Global Entry program. "Global Entry" is a registered trademark of the DHS. More info

What does it take to get Global Entry in 2020?

Global Entry helps you speed through U.S. customs lines and travel smarter. Unfortunately, a massive backlog of applicants has made it very difficult to schedule an interview to complete your application.

Most enrollment centers are booked solid

Most of the popular enrollment centers have no available appointments for the next year.

Others are booked at least six months out.

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But you can grab a last minute interview – if you're fast...

Every day, people are cancelling and rescheduling their interview appointments.

Here's the catch: the vast majority of these appointment slots are taken within the first few minutes they open up.

At San Francisco International Airport, for example: about 85% of these slots disappear within the first couple minutes.

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Luckily, there's a better way

Appointment Scanner checks for last minute interview cancellations 24/7 and sends you instant alerts when an appointment opens up–giving you a chance to claim it before the rest of the world even notices.

Typical customers save 3-4 months of waiting time. Now that's a superpower.

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How it works

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1. Apply for Global Entry & get conditionally approved

You can apply for Global Entry on the Department of Homeland Security's (DHS) website. We are not affiliated with the DHS or the Global Entry program, so this part of the process is on you!

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2. Sign up for Appointment Scanner

Choose from over 100 enrollment centers, set a date limit, and customize your notication preferences to your liking.

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3. Our service scans 24/7 for new appointments to open up

The average user gets 8-20 appointment alerts per day, meaning you'll have a convenient appointment within no time.


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Live appointment dashboard

Log in at any time to your secured dashboard to change your preferences and view statistics on appointments in real-time.

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Cancel alerts any time

Got an interview? Congrats! Just text STOP to cancel your alerts. Or click the unsubscribe link in an email alert.

It's that easy.

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100% money-back guarantee

We can't promise that you'll be able to schedule an interview, (it's competitive after all, that's why you're here!).

But, if for some reason, we can't send you at least 10 appointment alerts, we will happily refund your purchase.


Appointment Scanner has helped hundreds of happy customers.

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The San Francisco enrollment center was booked up for the next year, but after a few days using Appointment Scanner I was able to grab an open appointment for the next week. Awesome!

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If only all of life's problems had a solution like this one: from 4 months to 1 week with just a few clicks, app and support both flawless.

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Appointment Scanner makes booking interviews super easy. It provided me the flexibility to cancel my appointment when I just wanted to sleep in and be assured that I would have another interview soon thereafter.


  • How does this help me book interview appointments?

    Appointment Scanner cannot book interview appointments for you, or access any of your Global Entry account information.

    This service monitors for open interview appointments that pop up due to last-minute cancellations. When we find an appointment that fits your requirements, you'll receive a text message or email (or both – your choice). This alert has a link to the Global Entry scheduler website, where you can login and claim the appointment.

  • How does this work while enrollment centers are closed due to COVID?

    While enrollment centers are currently closed until at least September 8th, 2020, many enrollment centers are still allowing people to book appointments now for dates after September 8th. Several New York locations for example, are currently accepting appointments for dates after September 8th and have plenty of capacity (as of 8/17/2020).

    Other enrollment centers state "No appointments available for this location." What's confusing is that (to our knowledge) this message is actually shown for two different reasons:

    "At capacity" - Under normal circumstances, "No appointments available for this location" typically means that the enrollment center is simply at capacity and all the appointments have been claimed. But appointments do still pop up, due to last-minute cancellations–this is where Appointment Scanner shines. Our users typically see several alerts each day, even at locations that say "No appointments available." During the pandemic closure, we're still seeing appointments pop up, but at a slower rate. Enrollment centers being closed means less cancellations in the short term.

    "Not accepting new appointments" - Some of these locations may not be accepting new appointments at all until after September 8th, and may have removed open appointments from the system altogether. We don't have detailed information about how each location is handling the shutdown, since there's not an easy way to distinguish between "at capacity" and "not accepting appointments."

    So here's how we're handling it: If you sign up while enrollment centers are closed, instead of 3 months of access, you will receive 3 months of access starting from the date when the enrollment centers finally reopen.

    For example: If the enrollment centers do reopen on September 8th, 2020 you will have access to Appointment Scanner until December 8th, 2020. If the reopening is pushed back to October 8th, you would have access until January 8th.

    We aim to give all our users more than enough time to recieve alerts, regardless of the shutdown situation at your enrollment center. Reach out with any specific questions or concerns and we'll do our best to help out!

  • How long can I use Appointment Scanner for?

    You will receive alerts and access to your dashboard for 3 months from the date you pay.

    Exception; If you signed up before September 8th, 2020, while enrollment centers were closed due to COVID, you get some extra time for free: your 3 months of access won't start counting down until September 8th, when the centers reopened. So you'll have access until December 8th, 2020.

    Need more time? Just send us a chat or email and we'll be happy to extend your access!

  • Do you support my enrollment center?

    Appointment Scanner works with all the Global Entry enrollment centers listed on the CBP website. Don't see your location? Shoot us a chat or email and we'll figure it out!

  • Can you find appointments for other programs, like NEXUS or SENTRI?

    Not yet, but we're planning to add support for these programs soon! Shoot us a chat or email and let us know you're interested!

  • Can I share an account with a family member or partner?

    Sure! Many customers choose to use just one Appointment Scanner account for their family. When you receive an alert, just decide whether you want to book it for yourself or your family member.

    Keep in mind that you can only register one phone number and one email address for each account. If you want to be able to notify family members separately and allow them to claim appointments for themselves, you'll need separate accounts.


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We do not handle or store any credit card information.

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