Scheduling and Preparing for Your NEXUS Interview

Preparing for a NEXUS interview can feel nerve-wracking. The thought of being interrogated by a government official might give you some images of being in a dark concrete room with no windows, a

How to Renew Global Entry Membership

Good news: renewing your Global Entry membership usually takes less time than when you first applied. That's because you're unlikely to need to book an interview at an enrollment

Global Entry Interview: Everything You Need to Know

The Global Entry program was created by the United States Customs and Border Protection that allows you to skip the regular customs and immigration line when returning from an international destination. Instead, you

Nexus vs Global Entry: Which is Best for You?

Global Entry and NEXUS are not the same but provide similar benefits. Whereas Global Entry is broader and caters to United States citizens traveling to various countries, NEXUS caters to people who frequently